Be, Do and Have More From Your Iife!

SUCCESS BEGINS WITH AN INTENTION and you’ve already taken the first step.  

Get ready to open your heart to some praise right now!  

You landed here for a reason... because something inside you insisted there was something more to achieve than your current circumstances. That took guts. You listened to your intuition, you took action, and now you’re here on our page!  

Melford & Concetta Bibens... Welcome you!

Every Family Has A Story...

Together We Can Make Your Story A Fairytale

Melford and Concetta Bibens have over 20 years experience in the Health and Wellness Industry and have owned three 7-figure businesses... together we can create a plan that works for you and enables you to work less, earn more and spend more time doing the things you love!

"We believe that everyone has a unique health story, goal, and desire. Every day in our business, we meet folks who feel uncomfortable with their lives. No one needs to go through life being self-conscious about his or her health OR finances." 

You Can Consciously Create A Life AND Business You Love!

A Nutritionist speaks up...

Jenny H, Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN) graduate and owner of Salt Water Wellness, LLC.

We began working with Jenny and within 2 months she added 73 new clients, a residual income and a true system to her business!

Work With Us

When you are living as the 'Whole You', you will feel and possess an ever-increasing supply of:  

-Joy and HAPPINESS -Financial Abundance -Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health -Increased Awareness -Ambition and Opportunities -Better, Stronger, and More Meaningful relationships

Get Your Oils Wholesale

Our mission is to serve you and your family. That may range everywhere from personalized health care protocols from baby to grandparents (everyone in your entire family!) to simply setting up your wholesale account so you buy your doTERRA oils for the same price we do... this includes a free, personalized health consultation!

Health Business Coaching

We train Health Professionals across the globe to set up systems that compliment your existing business mission by adding value to the things you are already doing to create optimal health for your clients. We do this while increasing your bottom line substantially to help secure your financial future through residual income... making 'dollars for hours' a thing of the past! 

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Learn About YOUR new oils

Congratulations on getting your new oils!

Melford and Concetta want to be absolutely sure you know - WHERE, WHEN and HOW to use your new oils SAFELY!

I mean come on... this is your family's health we're talking about!

Health Professional MasterClass

If you're a health and wellness professional looking to take your clients health AND your business to the next level and beyond!

Join us for a free online Health Professionals Business Clarity MasterClass!

During this 40 minute free online training you'll learn the exact steps to work less, earn more, and spend more time doiing what you love!

 Want To Learn How To Become The Next Blue Diamond?

While doTERRA may be the largerst and most respected Essential Oil company on the planet... there's a lo to learn! 

doTERRA is being used in over 140 Hospital throughout America and in over 6.5 MILLION homes world wide!

You can now learn the EXACT PATH to success from Blue Diamond Leaders that have teams in all 50 states and 9 countries around the world!


What Our Clients Think

"I could not believe the immediate and powerful effects of the DigestZen oil on my reflux. Literally within 40 seconds, the painful, burning fire went away and I could immediately lay down flat to sleep and not have to ‘sleep sitting up’. I thought maybe this was a one time fluke, so when it happened again, I followed the same protocol with the two drops under my tongue and again, immediate relief.  

Now I know that if I’m going to be eating red sauce or something spicy at a meal which usually triggers the acid reflux, I can proactively use the oil and stop it before it starts."

Angie H.

"I ordered Frankincense, InTune and Forgive right away and guess what? Kasey is BACK! He smiles again, he hugs, he actually has conversation with people, he loves to get out of the house, but most of all, he is kind and funny again and has complete focus.  

He is now 4 months off his meds and tells everyone he knows about his oils and that he is never going back to those meds again. He uses his oils once before school and once after school. I was skeptical, it took me a long time to believe that just a drop of oil would help my son. Now my whole family is using doTerra oils for various things. THANK YOU DOTERRA! "

Valerie J.

"This past winter and spring we added a daily regimen of Frankincense, OnGuard, Lemon and DigestZen to our routine.

To our amazement, neither of us got sick once this winter, despite being surrounded by lots of sick kids!

But even more exciting than that, neither of us experienced any seasonal allergies this spring, during what most considered a terrible allergy season. The oils were the only new thing we added to our routine, so we do not believe this is just coincidence! We are true believers!!"

Matt E. & Jenny H.

"There is a reason you're surfing the web and a reason you landed here in particular... You know you're ready. You want more. And you're finally ready to make the time you know you deserve - for YOU. "

But (there IS a but...) you need a little extra help

Totally OK. Hats off to you. You SHOULD feel like that. Every single one of us should be looking for someone who has walked that path first. Someone who has gone the way learned from mistakes made and can now lead the way.

Let's make it happen togther!

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